Machine learning research with positive real-world impact.

We develop industry leading machine learning systems. Our initiatives have the power to uplift large populations, while advancing the field of artificial intelligence.

Ambitious applied research, positive outcomes

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Our research is supported by access to massive datasets, close collaboration with world renowned academic faculty, and a uniquely scalable machine learning platform.

Our research areas include recommendation systems, computer vision, time series forecasting, and natural language processing.

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Big vision, deep roots

The co-founders of Layer 6, Jordan Jacobs and Tomi Poutanen, are also founders of the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and we maintain multiple research initiatives with Vector faculty. Current and former scientific advisors include professors Raquel Urtasun, Sanja Fidler, Rich Zemel, David Duvenaud, Laura Rosella and Scott Sanner.

Meaningful partnerships

Originally founded in 2011, Layer 6 now forms the AI research lab of TD Bank Group. Layer 6 impacts the lives of 25 million customers, helping more people achieve their financial goals. Partnerships with TD Securities provides Layer 6 with market data for training algo trading systems.

Layer 6 embraces opportunities to collaborate with Toronto’s world-leading medical research community, offering deep learning solutions to transform healthcare delivery and improve health outcomes. We are the first to deploy deep learning models on health data covering large population.

Passion to learn, driven to succeed

Our team represents 18 different countries of birth and we care deeply about fostering an inclusive culture where we learn from each other and win together. We are united by our passion for deep learning and a desire to apply our skills to have an outsized and positive impact on the future.

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What’s in a name? Deep learning is inspired by the human brain. The cortex has six layers of neurons, where the sixth layer integrates the deeper processing to produce an action.

We’re growing our team exclusively with people driven to be at the top of the game in machine learning.

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