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Layer 6 Inc. has been acquired by TD Bank Group.

Leading Accuracy

Winner of the international ACM RecSys'17 challenge.

Solving Cold Start

A system optimized to handle predictions on noisy data and to offer recommendations to users and for new products. Layer 6 AI significantly outperforms other vendors in cold start.

Leverage All Data

Available data may be used to achieve the business objective. Transaction history, customer profile, product descriptions, and third party data may be incorporated into the prediction, as appropriate.

Real-Time Predictions

Predictions can be generated in milliseconds via a scalable real-time API. New data can be incorporated dynamically, enabling in-session personalization and contextual predictions.

Winner of the ACM Recommender Systems Challenge 2017

Our team won both offline and online phases of the challenge outperforming other teams by over 10%. Both phases focused on cold start at scale and leading models were A/B tested live in the online phase.

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Capable of engaging in both internal business processes and customer facing products. Example use cases include product recommendations, next best action, personalization and prediction of attrition.

Credit Cards
Vector Institute Team

Layer 6 AI founders Jordan Jacobs and Tomi Poutanen are co-founders of the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, an independent Research Institute and Graduate School. Jordan and Tomi first proposed the concept to Geoffrey Hinton and Richard Zemel and were involved with ITS design and the fundraising, securing $190 million from over 30 companies and the Canadian and Ontario governments. Vector aims to be a global leader in AI research, to graduate the most PhDs and Masters in Machine Learning of any institution, and to be the engine of a world-leading AI ecosystem in Canada.


Tomi Poutanen

Co-Head of Layer 6 and Chief AI Officer (Technology) of TD Bank Group
  • Tomi is a tech entrepreneur with exits to Microsoft and Yahoo! Tomi built Bing and Yahoo's web search ranking engine and launched Yahoo! Answers. Tomi holds an MSc and an MBA from University of Toronto.

Maks Volkovs

Chief AI Scientist of TD Bank Group
  • Maks received his PhD from University of Toronto's Machine Learning group. He has previously worked at Microsoft Research on Web Search and at Credit Suisse on algo trading. Maks is a multiple Kaggle medalist.

Jordan Jacobs

Co-Head of Layer 6 and Chief AI Officer (Business & Strategy) of TD Bank Group
  • Jordan oversees all business and strategy at Layer 6 AI. He is also a co-founder and director of the Vector Institute for AI. Previously he was a co-founder of Milq, founded Spybox Media, and was a technology and media lawyer. Jordan holds a JD from Osgoode Hall.

Layer 6 AI Technology

We're one of the first companies to apply Deep Learning to solving today's enterprise business challenges.

Layer6 AI Careers

Join one of the most talented and innovative teams of data scientists in the world.

Located steps from one of the world's leading research centers for Deep Learning in downtown Toronto, we have strong relationships with researchers from the University of Toronto to ensure we remain at the forefront of machine learning

We offer competitive salaries and exceptional benefits and are actively hiring PhDs and Masters in Data Science.

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